" we wold like our people to know also that we love them more than ourselves and that we wish to sacrifice our souls for their honour, glory, dignity, religion and their aspirations, we work for people only for God's sake more than we work for ourselves; we are for- our belover brothers- and we will never be against you".

Imam Hassan Al Banna.








Prison Authorities Delay

Family Visits For MB Detainees

Friday, December 29, 2006

On Wednesday 27/12/2006, Cairo provisional detention administration prevented several families and children of detained Muslim Brotherhood members from visiting their loved ones, although the families carried valid permits and had the right provided by the law for a visit after 11 days of provisional detention. The families stayed outside the prison premises in severe cold weather from 7.30 AM till 12.00 noon, after prison authorities informed them that there was an inspection of the prison facilities underway, however, families of other prisoners who dont belong to the Muslim Brotherhood were allowed to visit their relatives!

By this senseless act during a major Islamic holiday where families normally get together to celebrate, the Egyptian government contiuned to violate the most basic human rights especially after shutting down companies that were the only source of income for hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members under the pretext of false accusations and groundless allegations.

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns this inhumane behavior by the Egyptian government, which is added to its long list of  tyrannical suppression and abusive treatment of its political opponents. We urge Human Rights and civil society organizations to react positively towards this humane issue, and demand the Egyptian government and its Interior Ministry to take into consideration the human rights while dealing with these noble well-reputed citizens.

 Mohamed Mahdi Akef
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman


29 Muslim Brotherhood Members arrested
in Sharqiya, Gharbiya and Daqahliya in the Delta of

The state security forces arrested, on Tuesday at dawn January, 2. 2007, 29 Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the governorates of Sharqiya, Gharbiya and Daqahliya, after storming into their houses in an unjustified way for such an illegal action.

In Sharqiya Governorate, 17 Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested:

- Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani - (conjunctivitis professor at Zagazig University) a Muslim Brotherhood leaders and a member in the groups political committee; he is the elder brother of Eng. Ayman Abdul Ghani who is married to daughter of the MB second deputy chairman, and he was arrested previously several times including 1995 court-martial and he was imprisoned for 3 years 

-Dr. Amir Bassam a teacher is in Al-Azhar faculty of medicine, Asyut branch; he was the Brotherhoods candidate for Bilbeis constituency in 2005 elections.

-Eng. Yasser Roshdi- manager of the project of improving the city of Zagazig.

-Mr. Abdullah Al Zahawi a MB leader in the governorate.

-Dr Mohsen Qahwa - Owner and manager of the Engineering Electronics company.

-Mr. Abdullah Al Bahrawi - (Lawyer and ex-member in the Bar syndicate in Sharqiya).

-Mohamed Nagib Abdul Ghani Ibrahim- General Manager of the legal affairs in the West Zagazig Education District.

-Ashraf Al-Baghdadi - Employee in the Authority of Electricity.

-Hassan Othman - French language teacher

-Eng. Mohamed Ezzat Owner of an engineering company.

-Abdul Hamid Ahmed Abdou - Accountant in the Agricultural Authority in Zagazig.

-Maher Abdul Latif - an employee in a contracting company

-Tamer Sobhi Nasruddin - Student in the Faculty of Education, Arabic Dep.

-Osama Ibrahim- Employee in Al-Azhar Education Department.

-Dr. Mohamed Lotfi Pharmacist, Muslim Brotherhood leader in the city of Fakous.

-Gamal Salem- Teacher in Fakous

-Mohamed Habib- Lawyer


Also 5 MB youth were arrested from the village of Sufiya, district of Awlad Saqr of the Sharqiya Governorate, on the day of Al-Adha Feast in the morning; the locations of their arrest are still unidentified:

         1-Al Sayed Al Sayed Ahmed Salem - Primary school teacher in Suffiya institute

         2-Ali Abdul Raouf Ismail- Employee at the Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments)

         3-Al Shabrawi Mohamed Al Shbrway - a physician

         4-Talaat Salahuddin Hussein - Agriculture Diploma

         5-Bahaa Mohamed Abdul Aal - Health technical institute

The Muslim Brothers detained from Tanta, Gharbiya today at dawn are:

- Eng. Ayman Al Shafie: A civil engineer and works in the field of real-estate investments; he is the Engineers Syndicate treasurer in Gharbiya, and also a member in the committee of coordination among parties and syndicates and political powers in the governorate, and a former MB candidate for the People's Assembly elections and he is one of the public figures in Tanta.

-Eng. Alaa Badra: A civil engineer and works in the field of the real-estate investments.

- Mr. Wahid Al Gazzaz: A lawyer and the head of the bureau of MP Sheikh Sayyed Askar.

- Mr. Fawzi Al-Marasi: Lawyer.

- Dr Alaa Gharaba: Veterinarian .

-Mr. Ahmed Al Nagar: Dental technician in Tantas faculty of dentistry.

-Mr. Muhammad Nagib: Employee in the regional federation of Non-Governmental Organizations.

- Mr. Nasr Nour: Headmaster of Al-Geel Al-Muslim school in Al-Mahala.

-Mr. Ali Sharaf: Accountant.

The Muslim Brothers detained from Daqahliya today at dawn are:

The state security forces in Mansoura arrested on Tuesday at dawn 3 Muslim Brotherhood leaders of the Dakahlia governorate, within framework of the unjustified crackdown that the Egyptian authorities are carrying out against the Muslim Brotherhood and its leaders.

The detentions include Dr. Hamed Mansour, a specialist of Dermal Diseases, Dr. Mohamed Abdul Rahman, a cardiologist in the Shirbin public hospital, Eng. Mohamed Zakariya the head of the Auto Department in Al-Huda Wal-Nur Islamic schools in Mansoura.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Mohamed Abdul Rahman suffers from a previous fracture that he had during his previous detention last year as he spent about six months inside Mansoura public prison.


These detentions come in the context of the late Egyptian government vetted security and media campaigns against the Muslim Brotherhood, campaigns that coincide with Mubarak's request to introduce constitutional amendments that the national powers see as flagrant attempts to justify the Tawreeth (that Gamal Mubark succeed his father in ruling Egypt), while the Muslim Brotherhood is considered the biggest opposition force towards these amendments.

The government which bases its rule on emergency laws used- at the beginning of its campaign - the student demonstration in Al-Azhar is a pretext for these detentions that included Eng. Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme; the ugly face of the government was revealed quickly after the escalation included arresting owners of publishing houses and businessmen and arresting people while committing the prayers of Al-Eid (feast) all over the country, to add fuel to fire with todays detentions at dawn that included Muslim Brothers in Tanta


People Arrested from Feast Prayer Areas

Al-Adha Feast days witnessed a wide-scale security crackdown against the group members, including arresting a huge number from the feast prayer areas squares from in Sharqiya, Giza, Cairo and Al Fayyum.

Also 5 MB youth were arrested from the village of Sufiya, district of Awlad Saqr of the Sharqiya Governorate, on the day of Al-Adha Feast, December, 30, 2006, in the morning; the locations of their arrest are still unidentified.

On the same day, Egyptian state security officers arrested more than twenty citizens in Al Fayyum during the feast prayer areas while performing the prayers; they arrested the worshippers from various areas (Baghwas, Sufi and Hawatim) in front of prayers and amid people's amazement at such an intimidating act that spoils the happiness of the feast among them.

In Giza, the State Security Police refused to carry out the ruling of the public prosecution of releasing four citizens from Al-Waraq neighborhood after arresting them in the first day of the feast on charge of distributing on the residents leaflets congratulating on the feast from MP Mahmoud Amer Ali.

The MP Mahmoud Amer tabled a complaint to counselor Mahmoud Abdul Magid, the attorney general, against the officer Ahmed Tawfik "a manager of a security office in Al-Waraq, Giza Governorate" for his insisting on not carrying out the public prosecution's decisions and arresting Mostafa Hassan Abbas (33 years), Ala Allah Nasr (37 years), Mohamed Mostafa Hendi (21 years), and Amr Mohamed Saad Haggag (19 years) without any legal claim and that he tortured them with Kicking and electric shocks by officers Amr and Nader, and policemen Mostafa Saqr and Ahmed Hassan, under a direct supervision of the office manager.


Al-Shaters Health Deteeriorates,

Denied Visits

The Ministry of Interior prevented relatives of Eng. Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, and those arrested with him in the Cairo prison pending trial, from visiting in a flagrant violations to law that allows those imprisoned pending trials to have a visit every week and an exceptional visit in the first day of the feast

Also, the health of Eng. Al Shater is considerably deteriorating; Saad, Al-Shaters son declared that suffering of uncontrolled Diabetes (high blood sugar), and high blood pressur; Al Shater Jr. said that he saw his father while he appeared in front of the state security prosecution today, January, 2, 2007, in a clear state of fatigue due to the fact that his father is detained with criminals in a cell which isnt appropriate for human beings; the prisoners are detained in 3 8 metres cell where 17 individuals are piled up and sleep on the floor. The cell is opened for only 1 1/2 hours every day. The detainees have been denied blankets and the prison administration refuses to allow medicine for patients specially that most of them suffer from chronic diseases and need a continuous and close medical follow up.

Dr. Mohammed Ramadan, who is in charge of El Shater's medical treatment, said the MB  Deputy had trouble breathing several times inside the prison cell due to the high level of humidity and inadequate ventilation inside the prison cell which is closed all the time and the air is polluted by cigarette smoking from many of the criminal prisoners he is confined with.

Dr. Ramadan pointed out that the State Security Police, which oversees the detention of political prisoners, refused to allow a blood sugar and blood pressure machines inside the prison to monitor his treatment. Dr. Ramadan added that Al-Shater prior to his arrest, was scheduled to have a cardiac cathetarization to examine the condition of his heart's ciculation.

The Muslim Brotherhood called on the Human Rights and civil society Organizations to react to this humane issue, and demanded from the Egyptian government and the Ministry of Interior to take into consideration the human rights of these well-reputed citizens.

 Who Is

Mohammed Khairat Saad Al- Shatter

- Born in Dakahleya on May 4th 1950
Academic Qualifications
- B.Sc. of Civil Engineering,
Alexandria University,1974

- Master Degree in Construction Management, Mansoura University,1980

- B.A from  Anthropology Department, Faculty of Arts,  Ain  Shams University,2002

- Islamic Studies diploma, Islamic Studies Institute, 1999

- Diploma in Social Work and NGOs, Faculty of Economics and

- Political Science, Cairo University, 2000

- Diploma in Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University, 1998

-Diploma in International Marketing, Faculty of Commerce, Helwan University, 2000

Professional Career

- Worked as an administrator in the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University from 1974 until 1981
- In 1981, late president Sadat suspended him from working in the university

- In 1981 onwards he established his own business in different areas and companies

- He currently runs his private group of companies, in addition to being a board member in some major banks and companies

Political and Islamic activities

- Khairat Al-Shatter started his political activities as early as 1966 When he was a secondary school student
- He was a founding  member of the general Islamic action in 1967 especially in Alexandria where he played pivotal role in establishing the general Islamic awakening (Sahwa) starting early seventies

- He has been a  Muslim Brotherhood member since 1974

- He took the lead in many Muslim Brotherhoodaffairs, inter alia, Education, Human Development and Management

- He was elected member of Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau in 1995

- Al- Shatter has been to prison several times during Nasser and Mubarak eras

- In 1968 after participation in the famous students demonstrations that followed the 1967 War, he was kept in prison for four months then dismissed from university .Right after he was released, he was drafted into the Army in the Red Sea town, a far off area from Cairo and Alexandria

- In 1992 he was imprisoned for one year in the famous Salsabeel case

- In 1995 he was sentenced to five years, along with 54 members of Muslim Brotherhood who were sentenced from three to five years; he was released in July 2000

- In 2001 he was imprisoned for almost one year in what was known as Imbaba group, a Muslim Brotherhood meeting

- Eng. Al Shatter has been to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, and UK. He has also been to Arab, Asian and European countries


University Professor Detained in front of Patients

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Higher State Security Prosecution ordered, on Monday at dawn, jailing three Muslim Brotherhood businessmen owning companies and publishing houses for fifteen days pending trial.

Also, it ordered imprisoning Dr. Mohamed Baligh- a conjunctivitis professor at Al-Azhar University who was detained on Saturday in his clinic in Heliopolis- for 15 days pending trial, as his case was referred to the case of Eng. Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater, the MB second deputy chairman.

It is worth mentioning that the security services launched a crackdown that targeted shutting down four Islamic publishing houses and private companies belonging to Muslim Brotherhood members; it sealed off the offices of the Islamic Publishing House, Al-Haram-based Dar Al-Bashaer, Nasr City-based Elam book store, and Dar Al-Tibaa for publishing and distributing, and its Qalyub-based store was shut down; the printing office belonging to Dar Al-Tibaa for publishing and distributing in 10th of Ramadan City and its offices in Nasr City were also shut down.

The security forces arrested Ahmed Ashraf,  the manager of the Islamic Publishing House and Aktham Al Tawil, the owner of Dar Al Bashaer who was released later.

Also the security forces shut down a number of private companies owned by Muslim Brotherhood members, including Al-Hayat Pharmaceutical company whose manager and owner, Dr. Mohamed Hafez, was arrested; it also arrested Eng. Ahmed Shousha, owner of contracting company, Hassan Malek who owns an importing and exporting company, along with 20 workers who were in his two flats, and confiscating some belongings and cash up to 165 thousand pounds ($28000)!!


Dr. Morsi: Govt Breaks Political Reform

Promises with Latest Detentions

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhoods Executive Bureau member, confirmed that the crackdown of arrests launched by Egyptian security services on Tuesday at dawn disagrees with the regimes promises of holding democratic and political reforms.

Morsi said, in a statement to Ikhwanweb, that these detentions- that took place in the governorates of Sharqiya, Gharbiya and Dakahlia- come at a time Egypt prepares for huge constitutional amendments which are supposed- according to government confirmations- to lead to more political reform;

However, what happens proves the opposite, confirming that the regimes confirmations about reform are only hollow promises, and that the regime insists on curbing any political activity that opposes it, specially the Muslim Brotherhoods.

If the regime, he points out, seeks a real democratic and political reform, it should allow freedoms and release all political detainees, to hold an effective democratic dialogue from which Egypt may benefit on political, economic and social levels.

Dr. Morsi confirmed that while the government is giving a blind eye to the prevalent corruption in all fields and organizations, it carries out such security campaigns against well-reputed, efficient and honest people who aim only at serving Egypt.

The MB leader calls on concerned authorities to reconsider such measures that eventually serve only enemies who are scheming against us and want Egypt to remain in political conflicts.


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